We searched far and wide for a piano teacher who would inspire our two children and feel so lucky to have found that in Lydia Reed-Guertin. Not only does Lydia possess the skills of a teacher who can help children soar to the highest levels in local competitions, recitals and evaluations, but she also has the sensitivity to work with kids who might be motivated in a different direction, who just want to play music for the pure joy of it. If there is any kind of perfection in a music teacher, then Lydia is it—and also happens to be one of the kindest people we know.

Lexington Parents of 5th and 7th graders

Lydia is a phenomenal piano teacher. Though she taught me from third grade to my junior year of high school, the lessons I learned from her accompany me to this day. From ear training to theory, from composition to scales, Lydia’s curriculum is clear, graduated, and tailored to each student. She encouraged each of us in practicing, polishing, and persevering, all while cultivating our passion for the piano.

Lydia’s commitment to her students as individuals and developing pianists is undeniable; her way of bringing out the best in each student, unparalleled. If you become one of her students, just get ready to become not only a “piano player,” but truly an artist.

Former student now working in Washington DC

Mrs. Reed-Guertin is kind, helpful, organized and understanding. She finds pieces that suit each student’s level. Students enjoy learning a variety of genres.

8th Grade Burlington Student

Mrs. Guertin is really patient with me and always notices when I make some sneaky mistakes!”

6th Grade Belmont Student

Thank you for being such a wonderful teacher! Your faith in me has helped me accomplish my goals. I hope that when I start teaching I will remember the proud example which you have shown to me. Thanks again for the wonderful years and the joy you have brought to my life.

Former Belmont High School Student

My daughter Jo Jo who is in middle school, has been studying with Lydia Reed-Guertin for three years. During this time she has improved dramatically and practices one hour a day, six days a week and enjoys her practice sessions. This has a lot to do with Lydia’s patience and her fine choice of music for my daughter to play.

Lydia is very responsive in her communication sharing information that helps for better lessons and better practicing at home. I am confident Ms. Reed-Guertin can guide Jo Jo to a high level of proficiency and I’m looking forward to watching my daughter surpass me in skill! A skill she can keep with her the rest of her life, and share with those around her, regardless of whether she chooses to pursue music as a career.

Belmont parent of a 6th grader

For the past four years, you have taught me fingerings, rhythms, beats, counting and much more that has given me piano talent today! You taught me a great deal about music and with this knowledge I am more confident with voice and other instruments.

6th Grade Lexington student

Mrs. Reed-Guertin has given me many tips for memorizing my pieces. This has allowed me to show off all my piano skills for my non musical friends. When I miss a note in lessons, she never discourages me and always makes me feel supported. I never wish for a better teacher.

7th Grade Lexington Student

I love the different composing techniques Ms. Lydia has taught me. She has helped me grow so much as a pianist and composer.

8th Grade Lexington Student

She is a very good teacher.

Lexington 3rd Grader