It is the Supreme Art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative Expression and knowledge.Albert Einstein

This meaningful statement by Albert Einstein succinctly describes Lydia Reed-Guertin’s teaching philosophy. It is her privilege to work with young pianists at all levels, encouraging their musical development and love for the piano.

Lydia’s pedagogical approach is traditional, with a strong emphasis on classical music. It is through this immersion that students gain the necessary skills and confidence to explore other musical styles including jazz and popular repertoire. Her goals also include making sure each student is well rounded and understands the theoretical concepts that support their music, making their performances even more significant. This is further supported with extra sight reading, ear training and knowledge of musical terms.

As a teacher, Lydia frequently researches the latest releases from various music publishers and ensures that the choice of music is rotated, thereby avoiding the same pieces being played in the studio from year to year.

Age and learning style are carefully taken into account as repertoire or method books are chosen and appropriate level repertoire assigned to the students explores all of the foundations necessary to be a successful pianist. Often student request for future pieces or composers are welcome, providing even more motivation and excitement when practicing at home.

Just as the students are learning throughout the year, Lydia strongly believes that as a successful teacher, one needs to invest in growth through professional development. Several times during the year she attends local teacher workshops sponsored by the New England Piano Teachers’ Association (NEPTA) and annually, Lydia travels to the MTNA (Music Teachers National Association) conference which in recent years has been held in  New York, Chicago Las Vegas, Orlando and Spokane. Ultimately this infusion of new ideas through continuing education enhances Lydia’s teaching approach and philosophy, and is shared with all of her students.

Whether Lydia’s students become music professionals or choose to follow a different career path, she believes that the discipline learned from practicing on a daily basis is invaluable. This experience prepares these young adults for their professions, successfully managing their time effectively.

Perhaps more importantly, students are imparted with this gift of music to be shared with others or for their own personal enjoyment, something that will always be a part of them, the key to enrichment and growth.